balance_Catherine Wunsch

Katie received her bachelor's degree in psychology at The University of Tulsa with a focus on women's studies and early childhood trauma-focused intervention.  She received her master's degree in Human Relations and license to practice counseling at The University of Oklahoma.  Katie worked abroad in London at a charitable day treatment center, the lead organization in London for the hearing voices and paranoia beliefs network.  Upon returning to the states, Katie continued working with adults hearing voices.  In addition, Katie worked with children in foster care often collaborating with other professionals, DHS and the court system.  She worked with families and adolescents in residential, outpatient and inpatient settings.  Katie uses family systems, person centered and CBT to treat individuals with trauma, codependency, post partum depression and anxiety and parental struggles.

Katie genuinely loves what she does.  The strength of her clients inspire her daily. Fundamental to Katie's beliefs are that mental health struggles are a result of experience and through self exploration, kindness, understanding and acceptance, individuals can get to a place of healing.

Katie lives with her husband Jared, their daughter, Emma and their three fur babies in Oklahoma City.  Katie is an avid animal lover; she enjoys traveling, music, theater, film, reading, art, culture and doing anything outdoors or in the water.

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