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Dr. Sean Whelan grew up in Oklahoma City where he graduated from Putnam City North High School. He is the son of two Psychotherapists (think about all that free therapy!!!) and earned his bachelor’s degree of Science in Psychology from Oklahoma State University. He attended both medical school and residency for Psychiatry at the University of Oklahoma, where he was Dr. Dalthorp’s boss her intern year.

In addition to private practice, Dr. Whelan has experience in working with Native Americans and Veteran patients as well as those in the community mental health system. This has afforded him a significant exposure and treatment of various types of PTSD as well as other chronic mood disorders, giving him an appreciation for a complete wellness model with regards to overall health. His wife Christina (the other Dr. Whelan) has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology which helps them both stay on top of up-to-date academic research and makes dinner conversations very interesting. They have 3 children spaced too closely for common sense and he enjoys fitness and mildly dangerous sports such as mountain biking and dirt bike racing.