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Holley M. Elam is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Oklahoma who has been practicing since 2015. She has a Masters of Arts in Clinical Psychology. Holley has experience working with individuals, families, couples, adolescents, and children. She has worked in psychiatric hospitals, substance abuse recovery centers, military facilities, and private practice. Her personal life experiences are what led her into this profession. Holley knows firsthand what it is like to sit in the opposite chair. There are two goals Holley hopes to achieve through her work: teaching others to embrace change and empowering them to live the life they choose. Are you ready to see your true potential? There is no “one size fits all” in therapy. Therefore, Holley finds that it is most productive to not limit herself to only one therapeutic modality. Holley utilizes the things in her wheelhouse that are most effective and best suited for the individual who sits in front of her at that particular time. Outside of work, Holley enjoys photography (specifically lightening and sky photos), painting, home improvement projects, animals, travel, and family.