Dr Reichenberger

I view my work as a therapist through a multicultural lens, and I customize my approach depending on the unique needs of every individual I work with. Many people have told me they’ve been frustrated by therapists in the past who sat quietly and provided very little feedback. In response, I’ve developed a forthright, solutions-oriented style of engaging with my clients that encourages them to set goals for themselves and empowers them to work toward them. I also have experience working with clients who prefer a softer, less structured approach, so I can customize the therapy experience to each person.

To change self-destructive behaviors, I believe that people must first change how they think. As a cognitive-behavioral therapist (CBT), I leverage the innate connections between a person’s thoughts, feelings, and actions to enact positive change. By encouraging my clients to question the truth of negative thoughts (such as “people are judging me” or “I’m such a failure”), I help them break out of painful patterns.

I also help them focus on their strengths. Using positive psychology and motivational interviewing, I help my clients reframe their thoughts and view themselves in a more positive light. I encourage them to channel their anger, sadness, and other difficult emotions in a way that helps them overcome life’s challenges rather than becoming more deeply entrenched. I believe everyone has the strength to make positive changes. My goal is to help each person I work with cultivate the courage, resiliency, and potential that is already inside them.