At Balance, our approach is to treat the whole person and get to the root cause of symptoms to help our patients feel better.


Our body systems all work together and are affected by the food we eat, the toxins we encounter and the stress we face. We aren’t treating the whole person without considering and correcting dietary and nutritional deficiencies.

The supplements we carry are chosen because they effectively improve our patient’s health and, in many cases, correct underlying biochemical dysfunction. They are chosen base on their purity, label claim and efficacy. The professional lines of products we carry in the office are formulated at the strength needed to make the changes needed in our patient’s health. When patients take their chances in retail it increases the probability that their treatment plan will not have the outcome we are looking for. Not all of retail is bad, however many lines use poor raw material selection and dosing that is below the needed therapeutic levels.

How do I start a mindfulness practice?

In a recent 2013 study of Vitamin D by the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association, researchers who tested vitamin D pills sold in stores found they contained from 9% to 146% of the doses listed on labels. Though none of the pills were likely to be dangerous, (in this case) some contained too little of the vitamin to effectively treat someone with a deficiency.

As experts in nutrition, part of our role is to research companies and bring in the best products from only the top physician lines. The product lines we use here are researched to be the highest potency, using the best raw materials with US Pharmacopeia raw materials used whenever possible. They are tested both in house by the manufacturer and using 3rd party validation.

Please remember this information is intended for educational purposes only and should not substitute medical advice from a healthcare provider.