“Very thorough. Very friendly.”

“When I first came I didn’t know what to think. I had already seen one psychiatrist before that didn’t seem to care about me or my well-being. I was mad, upset, and just emotional all over the place. My first session with Dr. Dalthorp went great! I loved the place, so clean, smells really good, office staff was wonderful, and Dr. Dalthorp really cared! I knew then that I wanted to continue my services here! Over the years my relationships with her and the office staff have grown and grown into a great sense of peace and love. When my insurance changed to UHC, Julie took over the issue and got it all taken care of for me to get approved to continue services through my insurance. I know that my needs and emotional well-being are being met here and I can’t thank everyone enough!!! Oh and did I mention they helped me with my infertility to become pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy to give birth to my daughter!!”

“I went in to see Jennifer Dunning and she was literally an angel! She stayed in the room with me for at least 40 or so minutes with me talking about everything that I needed and wanted to discuss. She was patient and educated me on everything I was wanting to know. She was such a sweetheart! I’m so glad I decided to set up an appointment with her. Also someone who deals with depression, just walking in lifted my mood. Everything is so cute and comfortable and happy! Thank you!”

“Leslie Warcup was very professional and caring. I have been searching for a female doctor who cares enough about my needs for hormone balance with hypothyroidism. I can’t wait to get the results from blood panels and feel like “me” again.”

“I’m so excited to continue my women’s care appointments with Lindsey. She was authentic and seemed to really care about my concerns. Her exam was thorough and I felt like she was willing to check issues on a deeper level without just throwing a pill at me. The office staff had a positive attitude and were very welcoming. I loved that these doctors appear to be enlightened and open to real problems woman have. This appears to be a place women with insecurities and vulnerability could really get help. I was also very impressed with the cleanliness of the building and the warm feeling of home.”  

“Just been there since 5months ago and love how they treat you and take care of you from every dr to every nurse, ppl in the front desk and therapist. I’ve seen a very big progress with them in my anxiety, little depression and ocd episodes. Loce that they care about the patient like a whole body, soul and mind not just one symptom and give more medication. Really recommend it!”

“Today I experienced the most amazing Dr. appointment. The office and staff were so warm and welcoming and Dr. Dalthrop was absolutely wonderful. Her knowledge exceeded all of my expectations. She is kind and compassionate and seems to genuinely love helping women. The amount of time she took to actually listen to my concerns was such a reprieve from your typical doctor appointment. I look forward to the journey with Balance.”

“Love Dr. Rachel!!!! She’s so understanding and really listens to you and really researches and provides feedback on your underlying issues. Definitely my favorite doctor!!”

“I absolutely love Balance. It makes such a huge difference to have a healthcare professional that does so much continue education and research. Balance really goes the extra mile. I see Stephanie Garrison, PA and I adore her. She spends a lot of time with me and is great at thoroughly explaining everything. Do yourself a favor and go see them, I can’t say enough good things!”

“So my first time going to a place like this. It was hard for me to make myself go, but with the help of Alison and Jennifer, they walked me through everything. They explained A LOT and made sure I was helped to the fullest. Thank you Balance for having AMAZING staff. I already have two more appointments scheduled, and I plan to continue to come back!”

“Leslie is AMAZING. They control my medication and consider my entire body when prescribing medications. The counseling staff is just a good.” 

“They are seriously amazing. Dr. Dalthorp is the most affable doctor. She isn’t one of those doctors that make you feel stupid, or degrades your opinion of your own health concerns. She made everything easy to understand and was completely non-judgmental and approachable. I will never go to anyone else.”

“I have found at some healthcare facilities you are just a number and giving little to no time to really discuss your concerns. At Balance you are treated like a priority and are given ample time to discuss your concerns and possible solutions. I was extremely impressed with the efficiency as well. I was asked to arrive 10 minutes early for my appointment to complete any extra paperwork, exactly 10 minutes later I was called to the back to start my appointment. The women here are extremely professional. Even as a new client, I was immediately treated like family. From the beginning the staff made me feel very comfortable. I was very pleased, and will be back! Highly recommend!”

“I love these people! It is apparent that Dr. Dalthorp is very selective in her hiring. I’ve never actually met her, but I’ve seen 3 of her physician assistants and I love them all! A friend of mine sees her and loves her. I had an issue with one of the office staff and took my concern to my caregiver. I felt the issue had been addressed and handled when I returned. Other than the isolated incident, the office staff are professional and caring.
I have sent several friends to then and all have been very happy. They are thorough in their exam and won’t let anything slip by.
… now to talk about the facility…
Ever been to a therapist or specialist housed in a building built in the 60’s that stinks like per and is ugly and depressing? I have too. Balance is not that place. It is beautiful, encouraging, uplifting… everything positive. The ladies tell me that Dr. Dalthorp does the crafting and decorating herself. It’s like going to your super chic friend’s house for coffee. It has style. It always smells good. The appearance of the office reflects the level of care you will receive.
I strongly suggest you give them a shot!”

“Beautiful place and love the sessions I get when I go I leave feeling better.”

“The best office I’ve ever been to. The office is gorgeous, clean, and incredibly inviting. The front staff is prompt and pleasant to deal with. I cannot begin to say enough about the providers. I’ve always felt my concerns have been taken seriously (unlike many women’s health clinics) and they seem to care deeply about their patients and determining underlying issues, not just covering up the symptoms. I cannot recommend them enough!”

“Been in their care ever since the start. I love the staff and Dr. Dalthorp she is so informative she has helped me so much. Recommend this place to every women.”

“This is by far the best healthcare I have ever received from any practice. Leslie is amazing and genuinely cares about her patients well-being. I’m still giving them 5 stars, but I do wish there was at least one doctor in the practice who took Sooner care. I would love to be able to take my daughter here, so that she could actually receive the care she needs. With Sooner care, you have to deal with referrals and a lot of the doctors just put in minimal effort, unfortunately. I love Balance!”

“Amazing! Nurses are fabulous, Dr. Barrett is knowledgeable and so kind! Leslie Warcup is down to earth. This place is just a breath of fresh air. Even the girls up front are so sweet! I am very pleased to say the least.”

“Very comfortable and easy to get to. Pleasant Staff!”

“I’ve been coming here for the last year and they have helped me out so much!! They are all amazing and so nice! Best experiences I’ve had in an office in Oklahoma.”

“Candace was outstanding. She really took the time with me to go over everything I came in for. The clinic is very clean and pleasant to be in. I will recommend to all of my friends and family.” 

“Amazing staff that pays attention to the whole woman. They sought the cause of my symptom instead of simply treating the symptom. Saved my life.”