Pregnancy stress and mood swings are normal; however, strong mood swings and stress with constant nervousness or sadness are serious. Everyday worries and stress about pregnancy can combine and take a toll on your mental health in pregnancy.

Taking care of your mental health in pregnancy is essential, so it helps to know some steps for how to handle mental health during pregnancy. An important first step if you are struggling with your maternal mental health in Oklahoma is to talk to a doctor or therapist.

Tips for Taking Care of Your Mental Health and Pregnancy


“Me Time”

Prioritizing self-care is a good step on how to handle mental health during pregnancy. Set a time to clear your mind every day and do an enjoyable activity or meditate. Allow yourself to rest. Don’t overwork yourself and listen to your body to know your limits. Plan occasional special activities, like dinner with friends or spa visits.

Healthy Habits

Healthy eating and exercise can help prevent mental illness and pregnancy stress. Endorphins from exercise can help you feel and sleep better. Use a wellbeing plan to keep track of how your mental health and pregnancy are doing; this can also help your partner understand how you feel. Limit your internet use to avoid stress and anxiety caused by self-diagnoses and looking up everything that could go wrong.

Support Networks

Taking care of your pregnancy, yourself, your family, and your home and career at the same time is difficult. Your family and friends can act as a support network to help you by splitting up the load. Consider joining antenatal classes or online forums to get to know other parents and pregnant women. Seeing a professional therapist is also a great way to gain support.

Taking Medication is OKAY!

Studies have repeatedly shown that untreated depression and anxiety during pregnancy is associated with poor health outcomes in babies. There are safe and effective medications for use during pregnancy.  Talk to your health care provider to discuss the benefits of medication treatment.

Ask for Support

Tell a professional or your support group how you are feeling throughout your pregnancy. While it can be intimidating to share, at Balance Women’s Health we welcome these conversations. Seeking treatment for mental illness and pregnancy mental disorders is very important. Contact Balance Women’s Health for more information on maternal mental health in Oklahoma.